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Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, I grew up on a healthy diet of rocks and spent my childhood constructing electro-mechanical contraptions and pursuing various methods of scaling and/or descending roof tops, cliffs, trees, canyons, and mountains.

I have an engineering degree with an electrical specialty from the Colorado School of Mines. I worked part time during college, first at NCAR where I babysat the super computers, and then at NA Tech where I constructed robots with lasers on them, self-erecting wind towers, induction heating robotic deck plate straighteners, and many other neural network powered robotic systems. When I graduated I came on full time as the 4th employee.

After the robots I moved up the software stack, writing code and leading product engineering at Blue Dot Solutions where Kate and I traveled the world, living abroad in Scotland, while developing mobile enterprise software in the pre-iPhone era.

From there, I jumped at the chance to join GitHub in the very beginning of 2011 as one of the first 20 employees and I just can’t seem to quit. I built the v3 REST API with @technoweenie, released GitHub for Windows with @cameronmcefee, hacked on libgit2 bindings, ran product for all of the GitHub Platform, pricing and payments, and a number of smaller projects like the 1.0 release of Git LFS. I was a major contributor the tree-sitter and semantic open source projects and associated features on GitHub like code navigation. I’ve spent the last couple of years working on blackbird, a brand new, GitHub-scale code search engine (currently in beta!) that we wrote from scratch.

I currently live in the San Francisco hills with my wife Kate and our two children.

Tim's Avatar Building GitHub since 2011, programming language connoisseur, San Francisco resident, aspiring surfer, father of two, life partner to @ktkates—all words by me, Tim Clem.