Code First, Ask Questions Later

September, 2011

My Rocky Mountain Ruby talk.

I gave this talk at Rocky Mountain Ruby in Boulder CO on Sept 1, 2011.


Ever wonder how software is designed and developed at GitHub? Are you curious about how new features are deployed to the site? (Hint: ask the robot.) Want to know why we don’t have any managers and don’t track vacation days?

This talk will explore running your company like an open source project and give some insight into how GitHub continues to leverage ruby and other open source tools to keep up with massive data loads and a growing community of users.




The font in my presentation is called Junction and can be found on the League of Movable Type. Many of the photographs are my own or from the GitHub Instagram stream. A couple of them are from flickr under the creative commons license: easy button, just do it, robot. The grainy robot attacking image is actually from SNL.

Tim's Avatar Hi, I'm Tim Clem. I'm an engineer at GitHub in San Francisco, currently focused on applied programming language theory.